Compliance with Laws and Regulations

The laws that govern the internet are as numerous as those that apply to the daily operations of a business. Compliance with the Charter of the French Language in the operation of, for instance, a bilingual site, the sale of consumer products, the acquisition of databases or contact lists from third parties, the collection of sales taxes, and sales abroad are some of the many subjects to be addressed.

Our expertise

  • Charter of the French Language
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Canada’s anti-spam legislation
  • The various laws that apply to the income earned on transactional sites
  • Various regulations that apply to retail sales and certain industries (food, alcohol, tobacco products, pharmaceuticals, natural products, etc.)
  • Advertising, including comparative advertising and advertising aimed at minors
  • Contests and games

Mireille Fontaine

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Mireille Fontaine

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